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An Old Pair of Socks

June 26, 2016

I woke up this morning and decided not to wear my Great Britain socks!
It’s been a weekend of surprises that left me feeling they’re not that ‘Great’ anymore.Friday morning’s result caught me off guard. The Nation has spoken; a majority 52% voting for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union!A decision that felt like it came from nowhere. After weeks of bureaucratic banter and sweeping ill-conceived claims from both Leave and Remain camps, the nation had limped over the voting line, seemingly based on gut feel rather than facts.

The decision was quickly followed by Nigel Farage reneging on one of the ‘Leave Campaign’s’ key promises. He squirmed through a ‘Good Morning Britain’ interview (just hours after the decision), revealing that in fact, 350 million pounds would not be given back to the National Health Service! A small matter of miscommunication that saw some voters regretting their decisions and asking for another go at it.

The Social Media Circus that followed, revealed that 75% of 18-24’s had voted to Remain. With a 72% turn out for the vote, it seemed that the youth had really come out to own this Referendum’s outcome. London and Scotland were clearly in the ‘Remain’ camp. But alas, the Oldies and Middle England had been firmly ‘Daily Mailed’, leaving them revelling in a belief that they’d got their country back!

This was swiftly followed by the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. Despite calling for the Referendum (in the spirit of true democracy), he had adamantly opposed leaving the European Union. With UK GDP representing 17% of the combined contribution of the 28 member states, he was clear that he still wanted to sit at the Brussels ‘Dinner Table’ and talk shop with France and Germany. After the result, his resolution certainly faltered. He was heard to have told his close aides ‘Why should I do the hard S**T’ in response to handling the disintegration.

As an expat in Dubai, it’s now time to think about the implications (of which none are yet clear).

2 Million people have already petitioned online for another Referendum. Too little too late.
The tanking pound does mean that my daughter will be able to get a few extra fab lollies this Summer on holiday.
Scotland seem likely to use this as a springboard to go it alone (with the EU, but without it’s bordering brothers).
England will undoubtedly lose to Iceland in the Euro’s tomorrow (A Viking nail in the coffin).
David Cameron is currently looking for a new home.

In reality, no doubt we’ll foster some loose, slightly selfish alignment with Europe anyway, that will be crafted by lawyers and understood by no one.
Just slightly concerned that this disintegration will fuel a breed of xenaphobic militants, that seem more interested in building boundaries to foreigners, than building a brighter future.

Switzerland seem to have done OK so far. Let’s see where it gets us.

Maybe I’ll wear my socks tomorrow…

Tim, CEO, hug digital