VIDXB Flipbook


VIDXB needed to distinguish that it was an event that looked at video differently.

Our target audience were teens and young adults, who, as everyone knows, live in a very digital world. They’re constantly surrounded by social media they’re either watching sometihng on a screen or creating something for a screen. To engage them we needed to disrupt them.


We flipped the way this audience consumes information by going old school. How old school, you ask? We took famous videos and turned them into something physical: Poster flip-books.

Not only did they cause people to stop in their tracks – traditional posters at a video event?! – they made people think differently about how they take in information, and that VIDXB was an innovative video exhibition like no other.


  • #VIDXB was the number 1 trending hashtag in the UAE in a week where Sole DXB, Dubai International Film Festival and Elton John were in town. The flip-book posters It even got young people off their phones(!) – if only for them to eventually capture it and post to social media afterwards…