Toyota – Waku Doki


Drive audiences to the Toyota Stand at the Dubai International Motorshow and engage with them onground using Waku Doki – Toyota’s brand mantra – in all communications.


We roped in 2 UAE-based stand up comics to personify and communicate Waku Doki – translating to “heart-thumping excitement” – to the masses both at the Motor Show as well as online.

Divided into 3 phases – Pre, During and Post – the campaign hit audiences through multiple touchpoints. We created a number of videos with our comedians for each specific phase, all communicating what Waku Doki means, as well as urging the viewer to head to the Toyota stand at the Motor Show to find out more.

Not only that, we created a Waku-Doku microsite with all our content hosted on it, took over YouTube with a YouTube masthead, and created over 30 reaction GIFs with our comedians so our community manager could respond to comments with them.

Motor Show time! Throughout the show’s 5 days, our comedians interacted and engaged with anyone and everyone, both at the stand and throughout the exhibition space. We encouraged them to be as outgoing and fun as possible, which resulted in a heck of a lot of people wanting to get a piece of them! That, as always, translates into a ton of user-generated content, which helped spread the message of Waku Doku even further.


  • We observed a +12% shift in positive sentiments for #WakuDoki post the campaign
  • The cumulative reach of just over 10 million was a 730%+ increase compared to the previous motorshow.
  • Videos dominated our content, in the pre and during motor show phases and we our videos got over 2.2 Million views, which means 1 in 5 people reached viewed our video
  • Toyota was the most engaged brand v/s the competition & also had the most number of content pieces released.