Ski Dubai VR


Get mall visitors from the Carrefour entrance to walk down to Ski Dubai which is at the other end of the mall


Ski Dubai saw a massive drop in vistors in 2016 as the park tickets got more expensive and travel abroad became much cheaper. We then tapped into the busiest part of the mall of Emirates, which was the Carrefour entrance. That entrance saw a rush of visitors come in everyday to purchase their groceries and household items and our goal was to try and get them to walk all the way to the other end of the mall to Ski Dubai and purchase a ticket. We produced two VR experiences that showcased all the key attractions within Ski Dubai and invited mall visitors around the Carrefour entrance to experience Ski Dubai in VR. Post the VR experience, visitors were given a scratch card which then gave them a random freebie which could only be collected at Ski Dubai


20,000 guests visited the stand | 7,000+ vistors walked to Ski Dubai after experiencing the VR activation | 4,000+ visitors ended up buying additional tickets to Ski Dubai