Pizza Hut – Touch & Twist Campaign


Launch the new Cheesy Garlic ‘Twist’Pizza Crust is an engaging way to the core 15-25 year old consumer.


‘Touch & Twist’
Given the time youth spend on their mobiles, we wanted a ‘Mobile First’ campaign that would challenge traditional digital approaches and get talked about. We were shocked to discover how much time users are glued to their mobiles daily…which gave us an idea (with a twist).

We created a simple mobile game. The user had to hold their finger on the Pizza for as long as possible to win. Utilising touch screen technology, our development team tried and tested the unique game. Users were allowed 3 chances to maximize their time touching the product.

In parallel we created a series of amusing ‘twisted hacks’. These featured video tips to help those in training for the competition (strap your mobile to your hand with elastic bands or learn to sleep with your mobile in hand).


  • 3,000+ entrants played the game
  • 7,800 combined hours of users playing the game
  • Winner held the Cheesy Garlic Twist pizza for 38hrs (without sleep)
A simple and engaging mobile game that kept consumers hooked for hours and got the community talking!