Mai Dubai – Annual Digital Strategy


The water category is cluttered. It’s a predictable sea of blue, with dry communication. The launch of Mai Dubai represented an opportunity to change the category norms; change the look of the category and change the way in which a water brand behaves and interacts with it’s consumers.


The unique red colour and bottle design of Mai Dubai was inspired by the modern architecture of the city of Dubai. hug digital embarked on a number of initiatives to communicate this fresh brand in a new way. We shot contemporary videos of the state of the art factory to showcase ‘best in class’ production. We designed and built an award winning website that placed consumer convenience, ordering and information at the core. Using 3D renders of the beautiful bottle, we kept the brand central to the user journey. Facebook and Instagram became core channels where we playfully highlighted the importance of Mai Dubai within the fabric of UAE society. A Social app highlighted daily prayer times in Ramadan to break the fast and quirky animations engaged consumers on all social channels.


The brand has already become one of the leading water brands in the UAE in record time supplying Emirates Airline globally. The digital and content strategy continues to generate significant daily customer enquiries and now represents around 40% of total generated leads.

In a category thirsty for some diversity, hug digital took the Mai Dubai Brand and increased its generated leads to around 40%.