Krispy Kreme – Dubai Mall store opening / Valentines hugs


Krispy Kreme globally decided to utilise digital only, to drive brand awareness and sales.


As a playful brand that represents ‘moments of joy’, hug embarked on an annual digital strategy that would deliver conversation starters, engagements and smiles.
The website was redesigned and featured whimsical language, real time social conversations and visuals. For Valentines Day, hug delivered personalised ‘hug branded’ doughnuts to major corporations as a surprise gesture of happiness. The Dubai Mall store opening generated huge crowds eager to win a years supply of doughnuts. The social community grew quickly to around 400,000 fans, supported by initiatives with influencers such as Taim El Falasi.


  • 400,000+ community created
  • Thousands of smiling attendees at the Dubai Mall opening
  • 5,000+ registrations online via numerous social initiatives
With joy and smiles, a 400,000+ member community was created, 5,000+ registrations online via numerous social initiatives all packaged neatly and sweetly for Krispy Kreme.