Jumbo Festive


Take a creative approach to Jumbo’s 2016 Festive campaign, instead of executing a tactical driven campaign like that of previous years; a brand first for Jumbo.


When electronics brands in the region see the word Christmas, they think sales, sales and more sales – not an opportunity to have fun with the content that pushes those sales and build customer loyalty. Though Jumbo wanted sales, we realized an important ingredient from the marketing mix was being overlooked; Jumbo needed to bring warmth and personality back to the customer journey. Jumbo needed to alter its communication strategy, so we created a friendly salesman elf character called Ralph, your very own lovable shopping assistant.

We launched our integrated campaign with Ralph at the forefront of every communication during this period; presenting our message in a warm, festive TOV.

Content was segmented and promoted as follows:

  • Social competition asking users to add their festive wishes to our digital festive wish-list tree for a chance to win Jumbo products. Not only could Jumbo’s website detail the competition in depth, but it could also draw users to the client’s website for instant purchases after signing up.
  • Explainer videos and competition posts were promoted to drive sign ups on the website.
  • To push sales messages about Jumbo’s key products, we promoted Ralph’s Top 5 gift countdown videos.
  • Also, to peak interests of our target throughout the month, we promoted fun content videos of Ralph playing in store so he was perceived as a physical entity.
  • We also posted a 12-day advent calendar of gifting idea animations and fun photos of Ralph throughout the campaign.
  • We closed off the competition on Christmas Eve with a Facebook Live video of Ralph announcing the competition winners, by pulling names out of a stocking. During the live draw, fans were interacting with Ralph by posting live comments on the live video post.
  • Competition entries varied from being both entertaining and moving, so we followed up the competition with a Facebook album of some of our favorite competition entries.
  • We ended our campaign with a greeting video from Ralph, posted on Christmas Day.

After introducing Ralph online, we had him hit the stores to really give the campaign a human touch. We brought Christmas trees and placed them in-store for customers to hang their festive wishes for the competition, whilst Ralph would interact and joke with shoppers, making the shopping experience a joy rather than a chore.
Ralph’s transformation from a digital to physical salesman was extremely successful, with children queuing up to have their photo taken with him and parents even consulting him for serious product advice. Ralph had it all!


  • 235.5% increase in online assisted sales YoY
  • 47.28% increase in online revenue YoY
  • 18.41% increase in E-commerce transactions YoY
  • 18.83% increase in website users and 31.17% increase in website sessions YoY
  • Campaign was so successful that Ralph is now an annual mascot for Jumbo during the Festive season