Honda – Tales of Ramadan


Ramadan is a cluttered time to sell cars. Our brief was to drive car sales during this busy period with a low budget.


‘Tales of Ramadan’
Throughout history in Arabic culture, storytelling plays a vital role in this spiritual month. The stories are often delivered via a traditional character, know at the Hakawati. People used to gather around him in small tea and coffee houses to listen intently to his stories. We wanted to utilise this heritage to deliver a modern and interesting take on storytelling.

Our campaign focussed on the 5 Million Dirham of Offers that Honda were giving away during the Holy month.

‘With 5 Million Dirhams of Offers, he’s got a lot of stories to tell’.

We created 4 promoted videos, each one focussing on a specific model and offer. These were aired once per week during the holy month and real time community management continued to discussions around the stories.


  • Year on Year sales increased by 250%
  • Video Views surpassed 600,000 views