Honda Bot


Promote an aftersales offer for Al-Futtaim Honda: Buy 3 Tyres Get 1 Free.


Let’s face it: people are busy, and so are the digital platforms they use. So, to navigate these two issues, and to push Al-Futtaim Honda’s Buy 3 Get One Free aftersales tyre offer, we built our very own automated mobile bot.

Hosted on a subdomain of the Honda UAE website, the bot was simple. As we were targeting current Honda customers, we already had their basic information – name, email address and contact number. We sent them each a custom URL via SMS, which when they clicked on it, opened up our Honda Aftersales Bot.

The bot asked a couple of questions and then whether the customer would like to take up the Buy 3 Get 1 Free tyre offer, but the beauty of it was that because we had all of the customer’s information, the user didn’t have to input a single thing. A couple of quick taps in the chat window to answer the questions was all it took to book a service.


  • Overall response 2037 from BOT sent 24,884 i.e. 8%
  • Leads generated 679 from 2037 response i.e. 33%
  • Conversion 170 out of 679 leads i.e. 25%