Cairo Reimagined


Create hype for Taj City (MNHD)’s re-launch and create a digital activation which draws parallels from the ATL campaign that cites its inspirations from the iconic Downtown Cairo.


We created the “Cairo Reimagined” initiative which is all about creating inspiration across various art disciplines (Graphic design, painting, dance,music, film, food, etc.) and highlighting the fusion of styles that’s based on Taj City’s original inspiration. The aim is to inspire the fusion of different disciplines in a manner that showcases how creative people reimagine Cairo from a wide variety of angles, not just architecturally.

We created a separate page on Facebook, Instagram, Behance and Pinterest for the initiative. The page has undergone several phases, including a teaser phase where it was not publicly linked to Taj City and is going to be used as an official hub for Taj City’s on-ground creative platform and as a hub for
the arts.


Contributions per category:

  • Facebook Submissions:
    Videos: 4
    Photography: 136
    GFX: 73
    Music: 2
    Overall contributions: 215
  • Total Number of fans : 62k
  • Total Number of likes: 48k
  • Total Number of Interactions : 129.5k
  • Instagram Tags: 26
  • Photography: 30
  • GFX: 8
  • Total Number of Instagram Fans: 4.7k